Music From Soweto

On Thursday night, March 27, I had a glimpse of the music from Soweto live at Holland Center, in Omaha.

The Soweto Gospel choir was performing in Omaha and my significant other, Caitlin Shoemaker, made sure that I was part of the audience. I had heard about the greatness of the Soweto gospel choir but I had never experienced it. I was excited to go listen and watch them perform their greatness. After a busy day and a dinner of twenty hot wings, we drove to the show.

As I was approaching the entrance of the theater, I could hear them singing and before I knew it, I was moving to the beat. When I opened the entrance, I expected to see the crowd on its feet dancing to the music being rendered by the Soweto Gospel choir. To my surprise, everyone was seated and attentively listening to the songs. I continued to move with the beat until I was on my designated seat. While on my seat, I could not sit and listen, I kept moving to the left and right, moving my feet to where the music took them. I really wanted to stand up and dance because that is how we show love for the music being rendered. I knew some of the dances that were performed on stage and I was doing them while seated. After 40 min of performing there was intermission and that’s when everything changed.

During intermission, I met some Zimbabweans who could speak Ndebele and started talking to them and making fun of how we are afraid to stand up and dance to the music. After intermission, I sat on a different seat and the lady next me could not hold herself but let the music pull her from her chair and danced. I could not resist, but join her. Within a short period of time, about 50% of the audience was dancing and that was the climax of the show.

The music took me back home; where we dance jump, scream, shout to show love and enjoyment for good music.

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