Spring Break 2014: Frisbee, Funin' and Sunin'

Two Thursdays ago, I scurried home excitedly after a long day of classes. I packed my bags with several frisbee uniforms, bathing suits, and sun dresses…for in just a few hours, I would be leaving for the warm South East!

Following previous years’ tradition, the FREYA Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team piled into the car for what would turn into a 20 hour ride all the way down to Statesborough, Georgia. We blasted the music loud, celebrating the end of a long week. Before we knew it, we were watching a beautiful sunset disappear over the Midwestern horizon. Personal stories began to pour out of each teammate. I could tell I was going to know FREYA twenty times better by the end of this trip.

I co-piloted the 2 AM to 7 AM shift, coming far too close to conking out. We were arriving in Chattanooga, Tennessee at about that time and I could see a Burger King in the distance. “Let’s get off!” I somehow managed to utter, my eyeballs struggling to stay open. We pulled over to eat breakfast, only to find a car of the boys’ B team (“Pound”) enjoying a morning snack there as well. They too would compete in Georgia and join us on Tybee Island.

I was able to catch a few winks of sleep while we passed through Atlanta. A few peach stands and “Jesus loves you” signs later, we had finally arrived at the fields in Statesborough. The sun kissed our pale faces. We all concurred that we were in heaven. We set up our tents and ran a couple of drills to get ready for the tournament the next day. And boy did we all fell asleep on that hard ground as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Saturday and Sunday, we got to compete on lush, green fields, against six other challenging college teams. I am so proud to share that our talented team moved from 14th seed up to 11th seed! We are a young team this year, and I could not be more proud of FREYA for the progress it’s made this year. In a matter of time, we are going to be champions!

After our last game on Sunday, we went to watch the boys’ team play their championship game. I have to admit, it was clear that by this point, they were no longer thinking about the game but rather focused on getting to the beach. And yet somehow, they were still tied with the opposing team. One Pound player realized this and ran onto the line, shouting, “Hey guys, we could actually win this if we wanted to!”

So they started making an effort. And sure enough, it worked! They won in the next couple of minutes! It was incredible to watch. Pound has grown so much in the past couple of years, and I’ve had a blast watching their team chemistry develop. I think that’s a product of the close relationships they maintain off the field.

Soon, we all pilled into our cars again, this time, just for a quick ride through sunset-y fields, old time-y Savannah, and over the smoothly paved bridge to our favorite Island of Tybee. Without taking any of our luggage out or getting settled in the house, we rushed to beach to enjoy what was left of the day and inscribe “FREYA” into the sand.

We spent the rest of our days enjoying each others’ company on the beach, playing Frisbee in an impossible wind (good practice!), relaxing and eating seafood. FREYA and Pound now know one another better either of us ever expected to!

Spring Break 2014,

You have been one of the highlights of my college careers. You are forever carved into my memory. Thanks, it’s been real.

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