Away from the Cold

On Friday, March 21, I decided to go to Rockford to see a Josh, or must I say, someone I see as a big brother.

While driving to Rockford, I could not resist but notice that as we were approaching the city, the white stuff, snow, was disappearing. Also, I noticed the inverse relationship between my excitement and the amount of snow I could see. As the snow was disappearing, my excitement was increasing. When I arrived at Rockford, I could hardly see any snow and that brought a lot of excitement.

While in Rockford, I went with Josh to visit his friends. We ate some pizza and wings for dinner then started conversing about challenges that we face as young men, i.e jobs, world's problems, social problems to mention a few. These conversations were like sledge hammer and building blocks for me. My believes and social views were challenged; some changed and replaced with something better.  After the short visit, I felt at home. While in Swaziland, I had friends that motivated me without knowing that they are motivating me. And this is the same experience I got while in Rockford. The people I met, through Josh, made me feel at home. By talking to them and learning the activities they do for their community I was motivated to become a better and positive person.

There is nothing that motivates me like positive young people giving to their community.    

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