Life of a Senior

The Senior Life

The first three weeks of spring semester was hell because I was sick. I missed the first three days of school and had to play catch up with my classes. In my freshman year I had a plan which was to take at least 14 credits every semester and then take skills classes like golf and tennis for my senior year. I still remember vividly discussing my senior year plans with Louis, a friend of mine from Haiti. We planned to front load our college classes so that we enjoy senior year. When I began my senior year, I forgot about the plan.

After struggling with the first three weeks of senior year, I remembered the plan and I implemented it. I decided drop one class and audit it that was a life changing decision.

My life as a senior is now great. I have spent the second quarter of this semester taking one class a day. The plan I made in my freshman year is working very well. For the next seven weeks of the semester,  I will be taking two economic classes, writing my senior paper, playing golf, taking a family life education class and coaching a sport; soccer.  The last semester of college should be exciting!!

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