Job Hunting

There was a time when people would wake up early in the morning to hunt wild animals and gather any edible food to feed their families. Now hunting comes in a much different form. Today, I gazed at the screen of my laptop for hours hunting for what will feed me, a job.

On Thursday, 6 March 2014, the career center organized a huge career fair. The career fair gave me the opportunity to converse and show my resume to any potential employer. As the saying goes, “first impressions last.” Before I wow them with my resume, I made sure that I got their attention with my appearance. With the required dress code, I decided to put on a black suit, black shirt and orange tie. This was the second time in my life wearing a suit and I felt good. I am not usually a suit fan, but I walked tall through that career fair, hoping to convince an employer that I have what it takes to work for their company. After talking to a several companies, I changed out of my suit and I felt normal again.  

Later that evening, I had to decide which jobs to apply for. All I want is to be a statistician, but I am tempted to apply for all the jobs that I could be qualified to do. Even though, I know very well that I will not enjoy the job, I feel like applying for anything will increase my chance of securing a job. On the other hand, it is a waste of time because I could use that time searching for an entry-level statistician Jobs. It is a hard decision to make, but after talking to my economic professor, he advised me to only apply for the ones that I love rather than to apply for everything. This way I will only be spending my energy applying for jobs I love.

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