Ok, I Take It All Back

I hate to write about the weather AGAIN, but I feel I must note that the weather has taken a drastic turn for spring. Today is a balmy 40 degrees, with the sun shining and birds singing. It sounds like it’s raining outside my window because the snow is slowly melting into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West. I saw more than one brave soul wearing shorts to class today, and socks and sandals were spotted as well. I myself did not wear anything woolen, knit or fleece and feel free as a bird without a scarf wrapped up to my eyeballs or mittens constraining my dexterity. With the time change over the weekend (Did you remember to spring forward?), having sunlight through dinner time is also an instant mood booster.

    This change in weather has made me even more productive than normal. I think the six loads of laundry and grocery shopping I completed on Saturday explains that. I have a few tests and projects due in the next few weeks before spring break, and they seem much less daunting now that it actually feels like spring break is around the corner. I think everyone on campus is surfacing from a long dive called winter and taking a much-needed deep breath of spring.

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