The Beautiful Truth

So the other day we had a meeting with all the student blogers and some important people, who are in charge of the website. Basically it was a meeting about how we can improve our blogging and get more people to see our posts. It was slightly inspiring, in the sense that I got to see how impactful my blogs are/could be; I’m still not convinced anyone reads these. Anyway, I was really motivated to go write an awesome blog post, which I haven’t done, but someone did! A fellow blogger, Zora, wrote an incredible blog. It is so honest and truthful, definitely one of the best posts I have ever read. A post that powerful had people talking, and as the student worker in the Student Life Office, I was there for a lot of the discussion. While I was working a couple of the vice presidents on campus came in a talked about the post, and its impact. Obviously it was deemed acceptable to have on the schools website, but it was a good discussion. It was great to see that many of the higher-ups on campus really support what we students have to say. It sometimes seems like the top staff here has much better things to do than worry about personal connections with students but they do truly care about us as individuals. It is reassuring that I am in a place where so many people care about the students and our successes. Now, if you are looking for a blog to leave you speechless please go read Zora’s because it is worth every second.

Also, please leave a comment about anything and I will blog about it!

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