Radio Dayz

Since this J-Term, I’ve had a radio show* on Luther’s KWLC station.

KWLC is a radio station run by Luther, starting in 1926. It is mostly controlled by students, with a fairly wide variety of programming. Most students play indie rock music, but there are a fair amount of folk, classical, and R&B/Hip-Hop stations. The station is located in the basement of the Union (Luther’s central/main building), which adds to the station’s fortress-of-solitude vibe. Needless to say, having a radio show had been an aspiration of mine since I first heard about KWLC. I’ve always considered myself a music enthusiast, and the idea of introducing people to new bands or bonding with someone over a shared interest is extremely appealing to me.

When freshman year began, I signed up for a KWLC audition but forgot about it. Ever since, I had regretted that. But for some reason, every semester when auditions rolled around, I found a reason to not do it.

Finally, my friend and I decided to audition in January. We had to record an audition tape (as in CASSETTE TAPE!) with two songs on it and our introductions and back-announcing on it. It was surprisingly difficult, and I spent about an hour re-recording my audition tape. No matter how many times I tried, I sounded very nervous and uncomfortable. When I found out I got a rock show, I was a little bit surprised but extremely pleased.

My first two radio shows were pretty bad. I made a lot of mistakes, like playing the wrong song or forgetting to say the names of songs that I played. This past weekend I had my third show, which was my first one unsupervised. It actually went extremely well, and I was in a great mood for the rest of the day.

I’m very excited for the rest of my KWLC career.


*My show is on Saturdays at 3pm. You can listen at 1240 AM or stream online here.

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