Ethnic Arts

Ethnic arts is the day Luther College brags about the diverse cultures it has on campus. The theme for 2014 was street culture.

On the first of March 2014, most of the countries represented at Luther took over the main floor of the Dahl Centennial Union building. The main floor of the building was decorated with different colors from different countries;  Ghana, Nepal, India, China, Japan, Norway, Bolivia, Zambia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Swaziland, South Africa, USA, Nigeria, East Timor, and Brazil to mention a few. Each table represented a fraction of street culture from a country.  All the countries were teaching anyone interested about the street culture of their country. Some people were even lucky to taste the food from each country. Imagine, tasting the food for all the countries represented, that is more than 20 different dishes; Mmmm, yummy yummy.

Even though I was tired after track and field conference meet, I could not resist the performances. Spectacular is just an understatement.   Although not all the countries represented at Luther performed, the collaboration among Luther students was prodigious. Though a performing group was made of individuals from different countries, the final piece presented was exceptional. The performances included dances, songs and poem. Each performance was crafted well and was indeed a journey to the streets of the country it represented .

Being able to have a glimpse of the inside of a country is one of the remarkable experiences I treasure the most.  Here I thought I knew India, this day made me realize that I knew nearly nothing, and there is a lot to learn.  

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