Freezer Burn

And by cold I really mean frigid, frozen, bitter cold. For those of you reading this from your warm climate (and by warm, I mean at least 30 degrees), the Midwest climate is one of extremes, and this year seems particularly ridiculous.

    While the snow can be enchanting from the comfort of an armchair with a cup of coffee beside me, having to live my life in it is wearing on me. This is my third Midwest winter and by far the worst. The consistent sub-zero temperatures have numbed me in more than the literal way. I don’t even look at the weather in the mornings any more because it has not changed in so long. If I forget my thick, knit scarf, I realize within a few steps outside my door and quickly return to grab it. My wool socks, sweaters, boots and long underwear (yes, long underwear) have never been worn more. I’ve had so much hot cocoa that sometimes a nice big mug of it doesn’t even brighten my spirits any more. My car not starting and most likely having to replace the battery soon is just the cherry on top of a way-too-long frigid winter.

    Now yes, I did choose to attend this college with full knowledge of the Midwest’s reputation for weather, but this winter is extreme. We did have a few blessed days slightly above freezing and students were actually wearing shorts and no coats. What happens when graduation rolls around and we are all melting from the *gasp* 80 degree temperatures that sometimes come about in May? I should knock on wood, because who knows? Maybe at graduation we will be wearing parkas under our gowns, and fashioning built-in ear muffs to our mortar boards. All I know is that we have been living in a literal freezer for months and I am getting freezer burn.

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