Nordic Tour in Review

From January 30th-February 9th, Nordic Choir went on a tour to Texas and back, where we sang a total of 11 concerts. And it’s true what they say… everything’s bigger in Texas*.

Tour was amazing, and I could go on for hours about it. I had musical experiences unlike anything I’ve ever had, and I got to know some people on a deeper level than I thought I could. In lieu of some sort of long blog post saying how much the tour changed me as a person (which it did), I’m just going to compose a list of my ten favorite things that happened on tour.

1. A small group of us sang for a while under a bridge in San Antonio on our free night. It sounded really cool. Possibly my favorite moment of tour.

2. Eating at least 6 meals that consisted of nothing but Tex-Mex. So many beans.

3. Eating at a Chili’s in San Antonio and spending like, 2.5 hours there. We almost missed our bus.

4. Singing at a church in Midland, TX and signing autographs for a high school choir that came to see us. Some high school dude called me “Handsome Guy”, so I was flattered.

5. Spending a night in a church basement with 13 other guys. We had FULL ACCESS to their snack pantry, which was incredible.

6. Hearing seniors give devotionals and discuss what being in Nordic has meant to them. I cried twice during these, which is very rare for me. I was not expecting that to happen, but I’m glad it did.

7. Receiving the “Flirt Award” for “flirting” with Chelanga.

8. Staying at a homestay in Edgerton, WI and being encouraged by our host to date her 19-year-old granddaughter who lives in Madison. My roommates and I were flattered, once again.

9. Going for a beautiful nighttime run in Houston with a new friend, Lucas. It was about 60 degrees, and it was drizzling a little bit outside. I’m still basking in how great it was.

10. Bus segments. Everyday, about 10 people on our bus would go up to the front and deliver some sort of entertainment to everyone. Examples include: Weather Report, Jazz with James, Busercise (Bus Exercise), The Daily Drop (dubstep songs), World Music with Martin, Juicy Secrets with Bus 1, Knowing Nordic, and Nordic Time Machine (complete with sound effects). These do not warrant explanation; you had to be there. They were funny though.


*Nothing was that much bigger, really. Kind of disappointing.

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