The Brother

While celebrating one of my friends birthday on the 22nd of February 2014, I reunited with a brother that I never got to know during his life at Luther College and I had not seen him in the past two months. I was exhilarated to see him. Even though he is American, I see him as my big brother.

On Sunday morning, we decided to go for brunch at T-Bocks Sports Bar and Grill to catch up. It was one of the best Sunday mornings I have had this year. He reminds me of Sisekelo, and Sibusiso. These two gentlemen were my role models when I was a home. They would tell me about life in university in Swaziland and that fueled me to work hard on my school work. He is having the same influence in my life that Sisekelo and Sibusiso had when I was in high school.

He came at the time when I needed someone to tell me that it can happen. Last year, I applied to 5 graduate schools for PhD in Statistics. However, as of 2/23/2014, I have gotten three rejection letters and I was starting to lose hope about pursuing my PhD in the USA. But as I was conversing with him I gained confidence and hope that I will get into graduate school. As of now l am waiting for the responses from the other two universities, then plan from there.

His name is Josh Patterson, he graduated from Luther on May 2011.

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