Weather Wins

February 23rd, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, the eye of the treacherous storm began to make its way through upper east Iowa, leaving its heaviest damage behind in Decorah – claimed most weather channels. It commenced with hard rain and bursts of lightening, which rapidly turned into heavy sleet, and finally, heavy flakes of snow. At dinner, we marveled at what lay beyond the giant insulating windows, watching the angry storm brew, as we sat comfy and warm, enjoying dinner and each other. Fat snowflakes, all tightly packed together, blew uncontrollably in front of a dark blue backdrop. It didn’t look real. It could have been a post card.

Professors warned that they might not be here the next day. Students celebrated. Well, minus the ones who have to shovel for work-study. Chefs and cleaning staff wondered if they would have to stay the night here. It was an exciting several hours.

Funny how us humans think we’re invincible to weather. We can drive through snow, staying warm in our four-wheel drive vehicles, we can plow the roads and over-heat our buildings. And we are so surprised when we can’t proceed like normal in a storm like this! It’s a reminder that nature is greater than us, folks. We can’t always decide how our day will carry out because weather, my friends, has the upper hand. It has the ability to delight us, anger us, frustrate us, surprise us.

This element of surprise is a good wake-up call, I think. “It builds character,” as they say. To be reminded that we make up a small piece of this earth. Yes, we can make a huge difference in the world. But when we’re feeling down and sorry for ourselves, it’s reassuring to think about how small our problems are in comparison to this great, big world.

Just some food for thought.


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