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This summer I am looking for research positions at larger universities, typically state schools. Even though I participate in research on campus with a professor, getting the opportunity to participate in research at a large institution is very influential. Although Luther is an excellent school that provides an excellent education, one thing we do not have is a huge endowment with lots of scientific funding; that is something that large state schools have. Being able to do research at a large school would allow me to work with the newest and highest quality equipment. The summer programs at state schools are available for undergraduate students to experience high caliber research. Students that attend state school typically participate as well, because during the academic year most research positions are taken up by graduate students. Anyway, after filling out around 12 different applications I am almost finished. But holy cow do applications get boring after a while! This was the first time since applying to college that I have filled out more than one or two applications and I have forgotten how mindless it gets after the first few. This process definitely did not get me excited about applying for more school after Luther. Although, filling out all the applications was a good experience, as far as semi-professional applications go, and I know that if I have the opportunity to participate in a summer research program it will all be worth it!

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