Vulnerability is in fact valuable

February 17, 2014

            You know those days when everything just seems to go right? Welp, today was one of those. Today, I was reminded of the fact that I am on the right path. I love what I study. I have insightful thoughts to contribute to class. I’m darn good at Spanish. As an aspiring social worker, I have pretty good people skills, and I have good ideas for how to change governmental policies. Today, I think I demonstrated all of these things in class – and very rarely do I ever leave my classes feeling this accomplished about myself. (In fact, usually it’s hard for me to speak up.) But today I realized I absolutely have gifts that deserve to be heard…So do we all (for other fellow shy ones out there)! We just have to awaken ourselves to them and not be afraid to make ourselves vulnerable!

            …Vulnerability. Just the sound of the word scares me. Yet to me, it is the most admirable trait of all. To be comfortable enough with them self to let one’s lip quiver as a tear falls down the face in front of a crowd, to dance or sing with no inhibitions... And I’m realizing that college is my chance to face all of these fearsl; to get up and say my (probably) brilliant thought before I remember I was even afraid of public speaking. This is the epiphany I had in class today. And the more I speak up, the stronger I become…The more inclined I am to say more!

            My J-term professor once told us “the answer is always somewhere in the classroom,” meaning, we all come from different walks of life and each of us has something unique to contribute to the conversation. But when people don’t open up, we’re not getting the whole picture. There are holes in the story. I’m not only depriving myself from getting out of my comfort zone but also my classmates from getting the most out of their class experience.

            So as hard as it is to speak up sometimes, just give it a try – even if you’re shaking, even if you have to pretend you’re talking to your mom – make an effort to contribute. Not just for yourself, but also to enrich the education of other fellow students. Because Luther is an accepting place. People won’t judge you – they’ll aspire to say something as great! And because it will feel good to walk away from Luther College feeling like you gave it everything you had.   

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