My classes are shaping up to be quite interesting. It was odd returning to a class schedule where I had a specific time and place with homework due versus my J-term work that was on my own time. My religion class on Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the most stimulating so far, with around 100 pages of reading for every class. Luckily, the first book assigned reads more like a novel of his life than a dry textbook. Bonhoeffer’s life is wholly inspiring and completely fascinating, living during the first half of the 20th century in an ever-changing Germany. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to cover his intellect. My other courses include Antiquity and Romantic music histories as well as Small Group Communication. It’s interesting having so many history courses about different time periods and making connections between them. We have already made it through 20+ centuries of ancient history, we move pretty quick!

    Water Street Music Series’ fourth event was on Valentine’s Day and it was a smashing success! We almost broke fire code with our audience attendance. Four local musicians produced a show of covers and originals ranging from folk to pop to The Beatles and I still have some tunes running through my head. Titled “Crazy Love,” there were stories of love and heartbreak told through music and performance. There was a local couple present who had been together nearly 70 years.... Whoa. They were pushing 90 years old and cute as ever. This event reminded of the supportive and loving community I live in and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

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