Out of the Winter

So classes have finally started to kick into gear this week, and I must say I miss the relaxed feeling of J-term. Music Theory is becoming a pain once again as we go into four part righting and chord transitions, as well as writing different kinds of cadences. Ear Training also needs a bit of work, and finding time to practice it all is becoming difficult since I've started lifting as well. It's very doable, I just need to kick out my free time a little better and not procrastinate! It's also a huge relief that Dr. Hu, my piano instructor, does a fantastic job at teaching us and I'm learning much faster this semester! 

We are also about to start our research paper in Paideia, which my class is researching the role of a college education and things about how it's done. I also need to buckle down and finish my paper due Wednesday for the first book of the semester, but that shouldn't be too terribly difficult. I also need to memorize my sonnet for Acting Shakespeare, but again that shouldn't take too long.

In other news, MMA has been going swimmingly, and I've gotten a few of my friends to join with me! I also recently auditioned for the student led production this spring called Lysastrata, which should be a ton of fun.

Unfortunately I need to get back to my homework and practicing, but as always leave any questions you have in the comments and I'll answer them in my next post! You know how I love to hear from any readers!

Sing Well,


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