Living in the CFA

As I mentioned in my last blog, a lot of my time this semester is spent in the Dance studios in the Center for the Arts (CFA). I am absolutely in love with the space and the energy in this entire building; it is always such a welcome change from the hectic world of college academics.

The architecture of this building is a lot different than anywhere else on campus - it feels more modern, more open, more inviting. I love how everyone gathers before class and talks as an entire group, not just in cliques. I love that the entire building smells of cinnamon rolls and that chai tea is always just a few feet away. I love that everyone is so willing to share - their knowledge, their experiences, their food, their techniques. I love that there are not rows of desks anywhere in this building - if you want to study, you can do it on a couch, or on a bench, or on the hardwood floors of the dance studio. It is an environment that is extremely conducive to learning without feeling too "academic".

I calculated the other day that I spend 17 hours in the same room in the CFA each week (between two different dance courses and my rehearsals for Highway 57). While normally this would appear really monotonous, I am falling in love with the space. My friend and I are actually sitting in the studio right now just working on homework - it is a nice change from the library, as I can watch the sun and shadows move across the floor, and I can look out of the long line of windows at the snow on the trees every time I need a break from my homework. As cheesy as it might sound, this is truly becoming a sacred space for me - it is my "happy place" at Luther, much like the Earth Studio at my home yoga studio is a happy place in Northfield.

 The semester could not be better.

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