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I am back to the land of opportunities chasing my dream of becoming a statistician. Having spent more than a month home, I was starting to forget how cold Iowa can be. To be honest, as much as I was enjoyed being at home, I was starting to miss Luther College.

After travelling for over 24 hours I arrived at Luther College. However, along the way back to L.C, my stomach started to misbehave. It started to be painful for no reason and for a long time I thought it was a simple bug that I picked up along my flights. When I got to my room I decided to go for a nice and easy short run thinking that after my run I will have a bowel movement and get rid of the “bug”. However, that was not case, after my run it got worse, so bad that I couldn’t even unpack my luggage. I tried to eat but failed. I then decided to go to bed hoping that I would wake up feeling better. To cut the story short, it got worse and I was admitted to the hospital.

The support I got from my professors, administration, coaches and friends was remarkable. My friends made sure that I had everything I needed while in the hospital, including entertainment. The administration working with the diversity center was able to contact my parents to let them know that I was at the hospital. The college ministries had pastor Mike coming to see me every day. Even though I was alone for most of the time, these people made sure that I do not feel alone. They gave me a reason to smile. They became my family.

I appreciate all the support I got from Luther College and I am glad to say I have created a loving family at Luther College.

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