"Spring" Semester

Spring semester started a week ago today. The beginning of the semester is always a little bit tough for me. Part of this is being really overwhelmed at the start of the semester - I always feel like I have over-committed myself with too many places to go and too many things to do. However, within a week or so, everything starts to settle into a routine and things seem much more manageable. Luckily, I am starting to hit this point right now, so life is feeling a lot less hectic than it did a few days ago! The fact that the temperature is finally above zero degrees is definitely helping, too!

One of the best things about the start of this semester is that I get to spend a TON of time in the dance studio. I am taking two dance courses, which accumulate to around 8 hours of studio-time per week, plus I am involved in a dance production called "Highway 57" which is directed  by Blake Nellis and will be performed in May. In addition to this studio time, I am spending one weekend a month in Minnesota working toward become an RYT-200 Yoga Instructor. It's a lot of time focusing on the body, and I could not be more excited!

That being said, I am definitely noticing a change in course content - my body has felt fatigued this entire week! It's definitely a part of adjusting to a new schedule, and I'm sure that this will continue to get better in the weeks to come. My mind still feels incredible clear, and I love not having to sit in the library for hours on end. It's definitely different from previous semesters, but it is not at all a bad change.

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