17 Saturdays

Well, my last day of freedom is almost over *cue dramatic music.* But seriously, second semester of senior year starts tomorrow and it feels like I’m swerving into the fast lane, leaving the comfort of the I’ll-just-cruise-along-at-whatever-speed-I-darn-well-please lane. J-term was very productive, though comparatively very relaxed to my normal student lifestyle. Working from my Baker Village apartment, having symphony rehearsal everyday and reading for fun are a thing of the past. I have enjoyed my J-break filled with Netflix, two novels for fun, an abundance of hot cocoa from Java John’s, and a day-trip to Rochester. J-term in general is always a good escape, especially after the fall semester I had. Tomorrow begins the go-go-go schedule where sleep is a privilege, my relationship with the top floor of the library rekindles, and weekends become extra time for job applications.

    Although I may sound like I am dragging my feet into almost-but-not-quite adulthood, I am actually excited to get life rolling again. My books for next semester are begging to be read and I’ve become a cover letter writing machine. I have plans to workout more regularly (If I write it here, I may stick to it!) and Water Street Music Series work will continue to be a learning experience. This will also be the semester I treasure time with my friends more than ever. Some perspective: There are 17 Saturdays until graduation. 17. It’s time to kick it into high gear, because after those 17 Saturdays, my college experiences will be all used up and I want to make ‘em the best.

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