A Rejuvenating Jbreak back home

February 3, 2014

Right now I write you from my fireside, as I watch the snow pile on, one inch after the other. I can’t help but think, is there any way I’ll get back to Luther tomorrow?

While I am eager to return, this has been a wonderful break. I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in every day, going into New York City several times, feeling productive about having completed several applications, spending some nice time with the family, enjoying the Super Bowl (even though I don’t get football), and now, here I am, soaking in the warmth of the fire while I watch the blizzard make the branches shiver just outside my window.

This break has given me a chance to process what a spectacular January term I had. I did all the things I set out to do!

I was a little worried because the majority of my closest friends were abroad. But the fact that they were gone turned out to be the biggest blessing of all, because it opened a window of opportunity for me. It forced me to get out there and meet new people – people I’d always thought seemed cool from afar. And J-term affirmed that they really were as cool as they’d seemed! Turns out they thought I was pretty awesome in return.

And when you have people who make you feel good around you constantly, it’s pretty hard to for things to go wrong…

And by night, I went to Frisbee practice. I am so happy to share that FREYA is a completely different team with a new crop of freshmen talent and a more positive attitude than I’ve ever seen pour out of this team. All the girls are there because they love this sport and there is enough love between all of us to warm even Mr. Grinch’s heart! And I’ll tell you, when a team’s got chemistry both on and off the field, there’s no stopping them. Playing ultimate is going to be more worth my time than ever before and I can’t wait to see where the team goes this year.

Meanwhile, by day, I was able to enjoy just the kinds of things I pictured myself doing: reading good novels while snuggled up on my Farwell cluster couch. And becoming a great writer and analyst of literature in just three weeks.

These moments of reflection are so necessary. When we get caught in the exhaustion of one crazed week to the next, we don’t have a chance to come up for air to realize all the amazing things we’ve accomplished. It’s when we step away from the work we’ve done – academically, socially, athletically, etc. – that our successes become visible. These breaks are a wonderful time to celebrate our triumphs; to reward ourselves with lots of sleep and good food.

And that, my friends, I have done!


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