Peace and Quiet

Sorry about the late post! I was lucky enough to be out and about this weekend but unfortunately that left little time for posting~

Time is speeding closer to the performance for the Opera Scenes class, and it should be quite a good one! If you find yourself in town on the 28th, definitely come check it out! Besides rehearsal, I have been investing quite a bit of time into working at the scene shop these past couple weeks as well as keeping up my strength training program. Friday night was Brandt Open Mic Bar (BOMB) in which my friend did a yo-yo routine and actually took first prize! Other than that, things have been pretty relaxed this week.

Last week, Hannah asked me what the difference between a "quiet" and "wellness" floor is. I can't tell you fully, as I'm not on either, but I believe wellness floors have a contract about living a healthy lifestyle on that floor, with quite a low tolerance for illegal substances and alcohol. I also believe that with both floors they take the quiet hours time much more seriously and the RAs will be more on top of making sure people have their peace. I know my floor can get quite rowdy and loud at times, even at night, but usually all I need to do is ask them to quiet down and everything is fine. Sorry I can't answer this one better, but I hope this helps a little bit!

As always, if any more of you have questions, feel free to ask and they will be answered! 

Sing Well,


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