So I'm Not Actually a Football Fan, But...

...When you’re from Washington, it’s pretty hard not to get sucked in to the mania that is the Seahawks. The last playoff games to determine the two teams in the Super Bowl are today, and if the Seahawks beat the 49ers, I’ll be able to hear the rumble of the “Clink” all the way over here.

    What I find most fascinating about the Seahawks (being in the marketing mindset, remember?) is their 12th Man campaign. Confused? I was at first. The 12th Man is a way of saying the fans are the “12th Man” on the field, that they are so important, and loud, that they are right there with ‘em. In fact, Seahawks fans are known as the loudest in the NFL, hitting 137.6 decibels last December. In 2011, a seismic device near the field actually measured Earth movement after Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode made a 67-yard touchdown. Yeah, they are nuts. Because they are so loud, it gives the Seahawks a huge home game advantage. How’s that for a marketing campaign, eh?

    Now, I rarely, if ever, have written about sports on this blog. Not that I don’t like them, or play them, I am just not as passionate about them. But, I do have to say that this idea has drawn me into the sports world. Throughout the playoffs, the 12th Man campaign has led to Blue Friday, “Hawkitecture” (an example posted along with this blog) and a general Seahawks craze. Even though I am far away from home, I feel slightly more connected when I can enjoy something that everyone in my home state can enjoy as well, and being the 12th Man is certainly one of those things. GO HAWKS!

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