"J-Term, Play Term", But Not Really

J-Term is generally awesome, but this year it feels different.

At Luther (and many other small liberal arts schools), there is a one month term in January called “J-Term”. You generally take one 4-credit class, lasting about 2-3 hours every weekday. A lot of people study abroad during J-Term, so campus feels a little empty. The classes offered for J-Term are a little more “fun” than the ones during spring and fall semester -- you can take a class about pirates, or vampires, or film, among other interesting things. I’m taking a course called “The Philosophy of Art”.

It’s harder than I thought.

Last year, I took another philosophy course for J-Term, called “Philosophy Through Film”. We watched a movie every day, and each day had to write a one-page response to the film we watched, and we had, like, two papers to write. It was awesome. I was done with class at noon every day, and I only had about one hour of homework a day. I was free to hang out with friends, go out for a run, watch other movies, take naps, and just generally hang out.

My class this year requires about three hours of reading/writing every day. It requires much deeper thought and analyzation than my class last year. I also have a two-hour rehearsal with Nordic Choir every day, in preparation for our tour at the end of the month. Both things are incredibly rewarding: I feel myself growing intellectually each day of class, and in choir we are doing things musically that are above the level of anything I’ve done before.

So, while I’m not “playing” as much as I would like to, I can’t really complain.

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