Christmas at Luther

Even though Christmas at Luther seems like it was forever ago, I have still having the urge to blog about it. Christmas at Luther is one of the most “grey hair” producing weeks of the year; between school, swimming and singing there is barely time to catch your breath. Even though the week is stressful at the end of it all we somehow come together as a 600 person musical ensemble and create beautiful music. Oftentimes it is very easy to lose sight of the end goal and the impact Christmas at Luther has on others. This year was particularly difficult in that sense. As a junior there really is not too much magic to Christmas at Luther, from a performer’s stand point; there is the excitement about the first Christmas at Luther your First Year, the wisdom you have in your Sophomore year, and you have your final concerts your senior year. The junior year is just stuck in between with not major pazzaz. But, after the first concert I was reminded of that magic Christmas at Luther brings. I received an e-mail from my Paideia professor from my First Year talking about how overwhelmed she was from the concert. As a Luther graduate she talked about all the fond memories that flooded back from her time as a student. The most incredible part of her e-mail was not how eloquently she described her experience but rather how she sent the e-mail to every student that she had ever had in a class, the list was at least one hundred long. She easily could have e-mail the directors and been done. She instead felt so moved by the concert that she thanked every student involved she had taught, it was touching. Getting caught up in the motions of Christmas at Luther can be too easy, but it truly is a life altering experience for some people and that is what makes it all so worthwhile.

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