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A lot of exciting things are happening at home and I am confused what to share. So, how about listing my top 6 experiences :).

1. Met my niece, Reina, for the first time; Reina is 15 months old. She likes to dance, run and sucking on her fingers. Also, she likes to talk, but none of us understands her yet. She is beautiful, cute and pretty. Still can’t believe I am an uncle.

2. Happy parents; I have never seen my parents happy as they were when I saw them for the first time after 3.5 years. My Mom could not stop smiling and on my first week home, she did not want me to be out of her sight for more than 2hrs. On Thursday, 26 December 2013, Mom decided to take all three of us to town for grocery shopping. She just wanted to do grocery shopping like the good old days; where she would take all of us to town because she feel like it. Doing grocery shopping with all her children makes her happy. It brought back childhood memories.

3. First 10 Mile run in my neighborhood. I have never run more than 5 mile around my neighborhood due to injuries; but on Thursday morning I did. Even though my township is full of hills, I enjoyed running on the trails and roads. People look at me funny because few or none of the people in the neighborhood run a lot so I am kind of a weirdo and I am liking it.

4. Washed my Dads and Mom’s car. I knew my parent were going to make me and brother wash their cars. I was excited and I enjoyed washing the cars because I have missed doing it.

5. Weeding the flower garden on Sundays; On Sundays, I used to weed the flower garden if not the vegetable garden when I am at home. This is another chore that I never enjoyed doing but I missed dearly when I am at school. Doing it again, felt good.

6. Food; ate corn bread and emasi (sour milk), fatcakes (my favorite kasi/neighborhood food), lemon creams biscuits and tennis biscuits , to mention a few. Talking about food makes me salivate.

These are some of the experiences I have had while at home. More detailed ones to come.

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