The End of the Semester

It's crazy to think that the semester is over already! After Thanksgiving, it always seems like the rest of the year just flies by - first it's Christmas at Luther, then finals, and suddenly I'm home for Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

The end of the semester was not too terrible for me - I did a final performance for my Movement class at Ultra Mega Mega the Friday before finals week, and then I had three exams the week of finals, two of which were not cumulative. While I did have a fair amount of studying to do, I was quite happy with the amount of free time I had, and took advantage of it by playing in the snow, spending time with friends, and watching four Harry Potter movies. 

Since returning home, I have been spending time with high school friends, celebrating the holidays with my family, and beginning to get ready for my trip to Israel and Jordan. Today I am starting to tackle packing, and I still have a paper to write and a huge chunk of reading to try to finish before Monday.

I will be the blog coordinator for my class trip, so in addition to keeping up with my adventures on this website, feel free to follow our trip here: Crossing Jordan Blog. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you all!

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