Three and a Half Years Later

I have been waiting for this moment since August 18, 2010.

Three and half years ago I left my country, my family in pursuit of better education. I have not seen them since I left. I met my brother and my sister and her husband at the airport. After spending about 15 hours on air, the sound of the tires touching the ground brought joy in my heart. That was the moment I realize that only customs can stop me from meeting my family. Fortunately, I spent about 5 minutes going through customs and the walk from customs to the exist of OR airport was the most exciting walk of my life. Although I was walking as fast as possible I felt like the distance from customs to the exist of the airport was more than a mile. When I exited the airport, my eyes wondered for 10 seconds in the arrival section. Filled with excitement, my eyes were moving faster than my brain could process everyone’s face they could see and as a result, I missed my siblings. Having not seen them for over three years, I kept wondering how they look, what are they wearing, how is sbali (brother in-law)? As I was asking all those questions and walking slowly, I head a familiar voice shout, “eyy wena P.S.” my heart stopped for a second because I knew that was my sister calling me. I then saw my brother and sbali. Even though I was still at the airport, seeing them made me feel at home. Seeing the four of them was the best Christmas ever.

After meeting my siblings, I had to call my mother and let her know what time they should be expecting us. I was looking forward to meeting my niece, Reina, for the first time.

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