December 23

As the day comes closer,

The days are longer.

Nights are full of home.

It’s a dream.

Every time I close my eyes, I see my family.

I see a tall man who weighs around 190lbs. I haven’t seen him for more than 3.5 years. He was not at the airport when I left home. I only rely my imagination to tell me how big he has grown. All I know is that his beard is more mature than mine. He is taller, bigger and younger than me. I see my brother.

I see a lean married woman who was single when I left. About 15 months ago, she made me an uncle and I can’t wait to see my lovely nice. As the oldest, she has led the way to start her own family. She is married to a gentleman I have never met or see. However, I have heard the excitement from my mom’s voice that my brother in-law treats my sister like a queen. Now I can’t wait to meet him. The family has grown.

My dreams are full of the old man and old lady that made me the man I am today. I see my mom chilling on the couch like a boss, watching Days of Our Lives while me and my brother wash her car. When we are about to be done, I see her walking outside with a mango on her hand and her smiley face painted with joy as she says, “I have come to help you finish washing my car.” By these words I know she means enjoying her Mango while she enjoy the sight of her sons working together making her car spotless.  

In my sleep, I hear my Dad saying, “yebafana vukani, nifuna lelilanga lite lingene langemuva yini” with a very deep voice over our bedroom window. Meaning, “wake up before the sun comes out.” I open my eyes and the time is 5am but there is enough light outside to start working. I see my Dad wearing his sun proof hat, his blue overalls that have changed colour and his garden boots walking proudly inspecting if my and my brother’s work is adequate for his standards.

My eyes open, I wish to cry because it was just a dream.


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