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December 14, 2013
By Siphamandla Simelane

           Sometimes I find myself looking at what I have not achieved and feel like throwing in the towel. That’s exactly how I have been feeling this week.        

           I have been working on graduate school applications for a long time. I started working on grad school  applications at the beginning of the semester and I was still working on them by Thursday. I had to set so many deadlines for myself such that I felt like I will never be able to finish them on time to revise for finals. Initially, I had planned to finish the application during fall break. Unfortunately that was not the case. At some instances, I would have questions in all 6 schools that I am applying to and I would have to wait for at least two days for a reply. I would then have to reset my deadline. I set my second deadline to be before the end of Thanksgiving break. During Thanksgiving break I worked on the applications everyday. Again, I had problems with some of the forms. I had to stop and send emails to the schools requesting  assistance with sections of the forms. I had to wait until Thanksgiving was over to get a reply. After Thanksgiving break, most of my classes were giving us project to finish before finals and I wanted to finish my applications before finals. So, the workload grew exponential. In some days I did not know what to do and felt like throwing everything away but I would come to my senses and write my schedule for the night.

           In three days, I will be writing end of semester exams and I am glad I am done with graduate school applications. I can now focus on my final exams and going home :) YEAH!!!! Excited. I feel like I do not have enough time to revise for finals but I know that if I manage my time appropriate, I will be ready for them. Looking back when I was stressed about graduate school applications, I appreciate the time the graduate school stuff spent responding to my emails and phone calls. They played a huge role in helping me finish my application.   

          In less than two weeks, I will be breathing the air and running the trails of eSwatini, kaNgwane.


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