Jennifer Lawrence and Christmas Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I just returned to campus after a five-day break in Northfield. I was able to visit with friends from home, shadow a Physical Therapist, spend time with both sides of my family, and catch up on some greatly-needed sleep. 

Unfortunately, neither of my two brothers made it home for Thanksgiving (a fact that I think I'm more upset about than they are), but my family did the best to make the most of the holiday despite that fact. After our extended family left on Thanksgiving day, my parents and I went to see Catching Fire. It was the third time I saw the film in a span of a week, and it was still good the third time around. I definitely would not mind being Jennifer Lawrence when I grow up.

I also got a start on my favorite activity of the entire year: baking Christmas cookies. My mom and I listened to last year's Christmas at Luther as I rolled cookie upon cookie in sugar before baking them. We also started to decorate the Christmas tree and wrap presents - Christmas is right around the corner!

Yet, before I can start basking in my favorite time of the year, I have a few more weeks of class and some finals to get through. Right now, my final schedule is looking pretty manageable, but I definitely have a lot of work to put in this week if I don't want to turn into a train-wreck in the upcoming days. (However, I will be attending Christmas at Luther, and my roommate and I have already begun decorating our room in full-out Christmas decor.. it will help the days pass more quickly and merrily for sure!).

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