Eishhh, Gravity Won

On a Friday evening around 4pm under the clear blue sky I went for a bike ride. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining as it pleased; with free obstruction from the clouds. The temperature was hovering around 0 degrees Celsius. Even though it was warmer than previous days, I could not take advantage of the sun to get vitamin D because I anticipated that by the time I return to my room the temperature would have gone below zero.  

I decided to bike on the 11 mile Trout Run Trail.  The trail is paved; so, as I was biking I could see ice or snow patches in some parts of the trail. Every time I had to go through a patch I was very vigilant because they are slippery.  Towards the end of my bike ride, I had forgotten that the trail has sharp turns. As I approach one of the sharp turns, my attention was taken by the beautiful bright colorful Christmas lights at a campsite.  For some reason I thought I was going to make it through the turn with the velocity I was at. By the time I realized I was wrong, it was too late; I suddenly pulled the rear brakes as I made the turn. In the end, the forces did not balance and gravity won.

Quick as greased lightning, I was on my feet looking around to make sure that no one saw what just happened. I think no one saw me. I took a sip of water, fixed my bike chain and took off. Except for a light blunt pain in my ankle and on my ribs, I am doing fine. It will be a while for gravity to win again.

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