The Waiting

On Sunday morning, November 17, 2013, I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was NATIONALS. We had regionals on Saturday, November 16, 2013, at St Olaf and the men were 3rd and the women 4th. The question that I kept asking myself knowing well that I will get the answer by 1430hrs was, “did we make it to Nationals?” Desperately awaiting an answer, I kept refreshing the NCAA website.

On a different note, I had brunch with the team that same morning, Sunday. Knowing that I had to wake up and dress up for brunch, I was able to occupy my brains with something delicious to eat and spend time with great people. Writing about brunch makes me salivate again. We went for brunch in Peace dinning’s. It was a top notch breakfast served by Sodexo. My most favorite feature about Peace Dinnig’s brunch is that I can eat as much as I want as long as I will be able to walk back to my room. The food was different from that of the regular caf. brunch; by different I mean way more classy. The brunch is more like a buffet; however, you have to order drinks and omelets. Even though I can’t remember what I ate, my tongue has a great memory. As the name says, peace, it was a peacefully relaxing morning full of great food.

By the way, as I am writing the blog, I am on a bus headed to India Handover. Yes we did it!!!!, we made it to Nationals. The women have made it 4 times in 4 years and the men 3 times in four years.

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