This semester, I have been greatly enjoying taking Movement Fundamentals I. When I tell someone I'm taking a dance class, I typically get responses such as, "Oh, what type of dance is it?" or, "Have you been dancing for a long time?". It's hard for me to explain that dance at Luther is much more than that, or that my minor in dance does not mean I'm mastering pointe or working on my arabesque. Rather, I'm learning to understand more about my body and how it moves.

 My dance class is teaching me about how my body functions, how to align my body weights, and how to pay attention to my body - something that Western culture does not seem to emphasize. Movement allows me to do whatever feels right at the time: to lay in constructive rest, to work in contact with a partner, to run around the room shaking my limbs, or to dance for a half hour tucked into the corner of the room.

There is so much freedom in that class that doesn't seem to be allowed in the rest of the academic world, and taking this dance course helps balance my week. I constantly draw parallels between my work in Movement class and my training to become a yoga instructor; both are so holistic and rejuvenating, and I always come out of each in a better mood than when I started.

I'm grateful to attend a school that can nourish my mind, body, and spirit, all through the coursework that appears on my transcript!

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