Senior Project

We are rapidly approaching that time of year again. It’s getting chillier, the ground was blanketed in a light layer of snow for a short time last week, and Christmas music can now be played unabashedly. Along with the changing season accompanies a very large and looming due date for all seniors: Senior project. Due the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I remember seeing elation and celebration by many seniors in previous years, always feeling joyous after such a large burden had been lifted.

    As a requirement for graduation, senior project has different requirements between each major, but the common due date makes it similar to Paideia: something we can all relate to and thusly complain about. For Communication Studies majors, a paper and presentation are required. Most seniors will present this weekend, with the paper due the next week. Because LCSO performed in Minnesota on the designated presentation day, I presented for a Communication Studies class last week. My project studied the relationship between adult-children and their parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, so my topic fit in perfectly with the Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication class offered this semester. After interviewing 19 adult children, I feel like I have learned so much about how the disease affects families, and yet the disease is still so mysterious. With no cure in sight, the condition affects each person differently and at different times in life, making it difficult to predict. I can only hope that research like mine continues on a much larger scale to help all families affected by this disease.

    Now that my presentation is done, I can focus on adding a tad more to my paper, completing one last interview, and turning in my paper with confidence one week from today. This Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks for my education and the fact that my senior paper is DONE.

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