A day Without a Run

The season has not ended yet, but I have decided to start my recovery break in preparation for the track and field season in the spring. I decided to start my recovery break earlier than most of my teammates because I was really feeling exhausted and my legs were starting to hurt. I will be spending the next 14 days without a single run.

Every weekday at 1600hrs, the whole of my body knows that I should be at or headed towards regents getting ready for a run. However, this is no longer the case. Nevertheless, I still go to regents for team meetings and chats with my teammates; also to support the men and women who are representing us at Regionals and hopefully at Nationals too. Just when my body thinks it is about to start running, I walk back to the locker room, grab my back pack and go back to my room or Olin to do graduate school applications or homework.

Even though the running break has created a lot of free time, the increase in workload due to graduate school applications has been a substitute for running. Although grad school application has taken my running time, a day without a run is not a great day. During the next 14 days, my day will be made up of schoolwork, schoolwork and schoolwork then sleep. I miss going out for runs with the guys, hearing the conversations, the sound of their feet as they hammer the ground and the confusion over where to go every time we reach a junction. My day may not be fun, but I do appreciate the free time because I get to work on my university applications and finish most of my homework early.

Nothing too exciting is going on now; but soon, in a couple of weeks, things will go back to normal, I will run again. I will be running on the white carpet.

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