Sometimes I Live in the Library

Something that I quickly discovered when I started college is that the homework load is not the same every single week of the semester. I often have super chill weeks where all I really have to think about is keeping up with the reading for class. Then, about every three or four weeks, I have a week where everything is due: papers, tests, projects, you name it, they're all due within about three days of each other. Consequently, this leads to me having weeks with a ton of time for fun activities with friends, and then a week where I spend the majority of my time on the third floor of the library.

While it's kind of annoying and anxiety-provoking to look at my planner and see how concentrated my assignments are, I've come to accept the waxing and waning of my workload. A lot of it has to do with time management - looking ahead, I can make the "hard" weeks a lot less stressful by keeping up with my reading and starting to study a few days in advance. Also, it prevents me from living in the library all of the time, something I definitely appreciate. The other great part is knowing that once this week is over, I'm pretty smooth-sailing until finals week. And I can totally deal with that.

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