Winter Make Me Want to Go Home

As the temperatures decrease, the force of gravity under my bed increases, my blanket’s weight increases making it hard for me to remove them in the morning and the distance from one building to the other increases dramatically too. As the temperature is dropping I am looking forward to hopping onto that plane and touching down in Swaziland in December. I have spent three winters here in the US and I am still not used to the winter. I say winter because it feels like winter to me not fall.

I know for many Americans winter has not begun yet; however for some international students like me it is already winter.  In Swaziland temperatures hardly go below -3 during the day and may get to -5 at night. On the other hand, in Decorah Iowa I wake up with my Swazi mind hoping that the temperatures will rise to maybe above zero by 9am.Unfortunately , this is not the case; at 10am I can still see the frost while  at this time in Swaziland during winter I would be busking in the sun with no frost but brownish grass on the ground.

If by 9am there is still frost, can you imagine how cold it is at 6am when I wake up??? It is freezing in the morning and that is why I always feel like my blankets are too heavy to remove from my body, there is a strong force of gravity under my bed and all the buildings are very far from Olson. Experience tells me that winter has not yet begun; it is still fall.

I can still see the green grass, there is no snow and ice hanging from trees; these are signs that winter has not begun yet. I feel like winter has begun because my mind keeps taking me home. My mind keeps reminding me how much fun I will have when I get home January because it is summer in Swaziland until April. About a month left before I breath nice warm Swazi air. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

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