I realized this week that I have gone more than half a semester without ever devoting a blog to my beloved Symphony Orchestra! With our fall concert on Sunday, it seems fitting to update you on our year so far.

    While this will not be our first performance of the semester (we performed a few pieces at the Homecoming Concert), it will showcase our full fall program including works by Faure, Liszt, Wagner and Grieg. The piece I am most excited for is the Piano Concerto in A minor by Grieg which features Du Huang, professor of music here at Luther. If you have not listened to this masterful work, DO. IT. NOW. This piece combines dramatic themes with heartbreaking melodies, along with quite a few chances for the cello section to shine, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t happen very often, especially in a concerto. While there are times when I am playing with one hair of my bow so lightly I can’t even hear myself, there are others when the floor rumbles beneath me from the force of the sound. If you are in Decorah this weekend, you best not miss out on this opportunity to hear some beautiful music. Did I mention it is free?

    Next week, LCSO has the pleasure of performing in Mahtomedia, MN, where we can share our program with a wider audience. It will be an early morning (8am load, uffda), but traveling with your fellow orchestra members always creates comradery. This is especially nice because often times we don’t get to travel together until our spring break tour. 8 hours on a bus, let’s do it!

    One of the many traditions of LCSO includes senior talks. Before every concert, seniors share words of wisdom, funny stories, and their appreciation for the group in a short and often entertaining, casual speech. As a senior myself, I am a little melancholy over having to do this, though excited to hear all of my fellow seniors share their experiences. I do not know when my turn will be, but I am probably going to need Kleenex on hand. Saying thank you never seems like enough, and yet, there are few things I am more thankful for in my life than LCSO.

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