Give me some MackleMORE

It has been one week since the incredible event that was the Macklemore concert took place. Still today it is a little surreal that it actually happened. As many people might guess the concert was amazing but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. Now don’t get me wrong, his songs are great and he is a sweet performer and can definitely get the crowd going. But the one thing that still strikes me as fantastic is how much passion he had. To put it all in perspective, after his trip to Deocrah Macklemore was off to go preform in New Orleans and then up to Chicago, I believe, and his entire tour he is preforming in large, packed venues. At Luther he was in a gym, grated it was loud and packed, but a gym none the less. Even though this performance space could be seen as a major step down Macklemore still preformed as if it were the last performance of his life. The amount of energy he had was second to none and no matter where you were in the audience you could see how passionate he was. I think that is something that we take for granted. Macklemore didn’t need to perform in front of two thousand people and act like that, but he did; and I think that says a ton about his character as an artist. Macklemore is now number one in my book, I highly recommend going out of your way to see him!

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