It's Fall!

As I type this, I have apples and cinnamon mingling in the slow cooker as the fall wind swirls clouds of colorful leaves. This week, I have felt fall in the air more than ever, and it just so happens to be my favorite season. My birthday was last week (the big 2-2) and with it comes the official onset of fall, at least for me. With Halloween only a few days later, everybody is in a festive mood. Midterms have passed, so there is a slight reprieve until the end-of-the-semester crunch. To top it all off, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis finally made their Luther College debut on Halloween. Needless to say, there were many thrift shoppers on campus last week.

    My birthday passed rather quietly this year, though it was still made special by many family and friends. I received four - count ‘em - FOUR packages from family, all containing a good mixture of silly stuff and food, the college kid’s dream. In Symphony rehearsal, I was serenaded by a rousing rendition of “Happy birthday,” as tradition dictates. The only downside was having to dissect a cat in anatomy lab... Not an activity I normally would have chosen to do on my birthday, but turning out to be surprisingly interesting.

    On Halloween, my friends and I saw Macklemore, and the show definitely lived up to the hype. While we weren’t the diehards that sat outside in a tent all day, we still had an amazing time poppin’ tags! For my argumentation class, my team had to present our first big debate that afternoon and Macklemore was my incentive to make it through the day.

    Now that it is November, I am fully embracing fall, and so looking forward to Thanksgiving break. Bring on the apple cider, sweaters, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Enjoy the fall, everyone!

UPDATE: The apples and cinnamon made yummy topping for vanilla ice cream. NOM.



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