Running in Parque Metropolitano...Not so sano

November 3, 2013

Okay, so the title (running in Metropolitan…not so healthy) is kind of a lie. But it rhymed! I just couldn’t help myself.

But wait a minute – just thinking out loud here – when you break it down a little bit more, it kind of does have some truth to it. Don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely enamored by this park. It’s almost all bosque with cool morning air and gorgeous views of the entire city. Not to mention, it’s right behind my house and extremely safe.

It’s problem? It is some of the most mountainous terrain that I’ve ever been presented with. I’m embarrassed to say that I tried running there for a week and had to stop after every hill because each and every one is unbelievably steep and long, and on top of that I’m adjusting to the altitude. So there we are – that’s the part that’s not healthy.

Plus, I’m all about workouts that I can maintain on a daily basis, instead of exhausting exercises that I dread doing. As beautiful as Metropolitano is, I’ve decide to take a break from the tierra montañosa up there, and run on the flat roads near my house. Sure, it means running to one point and back…then finding another flat spot to do the same. But at least I don’t always feel like I’m close to having a heart-attack.

So problem solved I suppose…But don’t worry, Metropolitano. I’ll be seeing you…Your clear skies, quiet bosques and impressive views can’t keep me away for too long.

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