Fish Troubles

Over a year ago my roommate and I made a pilgrimage to Walmart and decided to make a major life purchase… we bought a fish. His, or her, name was Hedwig and he or she was a beta fish. For nearly thirteen months Hedwig was a great pet. Unfortunately last week he passed away. We have decided that he died of hypothermia or froze to death. My favorite thing about our corner room is that it has two windows, which is excellent. But, the downfall of the two windows is that the room gets much colder than the average room. Because of this chill, our great pet died. At the time we figured it was because his bowl was right next to the window, which was frequently open. In order to help us cope with our loss, we went back to Walmart to get another fish. This time we bought a plecostomus, also known as a sucker fish. We thought it was a good choice because it is a bottom feeder and basically cleans the tank by eating everything in it. We didn’t have much of a choice because there was only one living one, Walmart isn’t known for its quality selection of fish. Anyway, immediately after we left the fish decided to flip on its back and move slowly. When we got back to our room we put him in his bowl and seemed happy, and more importantly alive. A few hours after he was in his new home, our young new fish was dead. We cannot be fully sure if it was the cold air from outside or if it was the trauma from his travels. Either way, our loss has made us reconsider being pet owners. For now we are empty nesters, but hopefully someday we will get another aquatic companion.

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  • November 3 2013 at 4:26 pm
    Hannah Harms

    Hi Sam!

    I love reading your guys' posts about interesting things...such as the fact that you have classified yourself among the fish-killlers lol.  (Don't worry; it happens to the best of us.  And I completely agree on Walmart's lack of high-quality fish.)

    Anyways, my name is Hannah.  I am a prospective student.  (So yes, people do actually read these blogs.  And I just want to say thank you for taking the time to post; your blogs are always very entertaining lol!) :)

    I feel like I know you guys...which is really cool for me!  (Like if I chanced upon you @ campus I would feel inclined to say to 'hi')

    That being said, I have a couple questions for you:

    Are you a biology major?  And how is the work load (even if you aren't a bio major lol)?

    Thank you for taking the time to post!


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