The Fall of Fall

I apologize for the late post, homework managed to catch up with me, but here's some of the stuff I've been up to the past two weeks~

Midterms for me actually wasn't too bad. The ear training midterm was rough, but the rest turned out ok. Paideia wasn't too terrible as long as you read the material. My friends and I also decided to get Pokémon X and Y (yes, I'm a huge nerd) so that ended up being a great social pastime over the week when we weren't doing homework.

Over break itself I ended up going back to my home and seeing some of my old friends. Many of them were extremely delighted to see me, so it was a wonderful experience! There was a whole new feeling being there as a college student instead of just another high school student. Luckily one of my friends is actually thinking of coming to Luther! I also spent time trying to memorize a couple scripts, one for Acting class (which isn't too bad) and one for the student led organization SPIN theater, which is a little bit harder.

Other than that, my friends and I ended up going to a haunted corn maze which was a ton of fun, despite the fact we got terribly lost! After it was done we all got to relax around a campfire while eating food and collecting free pumpkins. I highly recommend going to as many of these kinds of activities as possible up here, as they are a great way of getting to know new people and having a fun evening.

I suppose it's that point in the evening where other things are calling my attention. As always, leave any questions you may have and I'll answer them to the best of my ability! And Happy Halloween!

Sing Well,


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  • November 3 2013 at 3:59 pm
    Hannah Harms

    Hey Stephen!

    So, I don't know any of you students who write these blogs, but I just want to say how extremely helpful I find all your blog posts about 'real life' at Luther presented by a student, instead of by a professor or an admissions counselor.

    I am a prospective student, yes.  And, I like to catch up with everyone's posts when I have a little free time.  (So basically, people do read these blogs and you are not just posting to an empty cyberspace world.) :)

    I feel like I know you guys when you post a little bit of your life you're all approachable and if I chanced to come upon you on campus I may feel inclined to say 'hi' to you lol!  (Even though I haven't officially 'met' you guys.)

    That being said, how is the homework load at Luther?  You seem pretty involved with the musical extracurricular side @ Luther, and I'm just honestly hoping I can still have a life at college while being involved in various things myself. :)

    Is it easy to make friends?  And lastly, what has been your favorite college memory/thing about Luther so far?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post! 

    ~Sing Well, Stephen!


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