After Fall Break

I got back to campus Wednesday evening just in time for dinner. It was nice to be back and see friends, but I could have used another week off from school! It seems like everyone is more exhausted after fall break than they were before - especially my poor roommate who had to stay on campus for two-a-days for basketball!

On Thursday, I went to my two classes, worked out, and then studied a bit for my test the next day before watching Despicable Me 2, which was put on for Luther students by SAC Cinema. I had seen the movie before, but it was fun to see the movie again with a room full of college students - I think the room was more full of laughter with us than it would have been with the targeted family audience!

After class on Friday, I worked most of the afternoon to get all my homework done for the weekend. On Saturday morning I went for a walk with a friend, and after lunch a big group of us headed to ValleyScare to spend the evening. We were able to go on the Valley Fair rides and to go through haunted houses and just walk around the park and catch up. It's always nice to get off campus and do something different, and I enjoyed having time to catch up with friends!

We left the park around 11:30, and a few of us drove back to my house to spend the night (an hour drive versus the three hour drive back to Decorah). We spent the morning in Northfield before heading back to campus, where everyone else worked on homework and I was able to start reading Allegiant.

After a relatively easy week back, I have a feeling that going to class five days in a row will seem like a long week!

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