Graduate School Applications

Before I was a senior, applying to graduate school seemed like a piece of cake. Now that I am a senior, graduate school applications are like another 4 credit subject.

One of the challenges of graduate school applications is figuring out where I want to spend the next four to five years of my life and what I will be doing during that time. I am set to go to graduate school for a PhD in Statistics; I would like to focus more on Bayesian statistics. The past three years in the mid-west has been great but I want to move to a place with mountains; somewhere less humid during summertime, peaceful and full of happy, welcoming people. I am not fond of the cold but I am willing to sacrifice my comfort for the beautiful view of mountains and nice running trails. The state of Colorado is my first choice which is why I applied to three schools in Colorado.

Another challenge is believing that I will be accepted in one of the schools I am applying to and get a good scholarship package. Sometimes I think I am not qualified for acceptance and scholarships that will cover all if not most of my graduate school cost. This thought was stressing me out a lot last week because all I want is to go to graduate school and I have done all I can to be a potential candidate and get my PhD before I secure a job. However, after talking to Jon Lund, the Executive Director for the Center for Global Learning and International Admissions at Luther College, I felt better and I have more confidence now that I will be able to get into one of the schools I applied to and get a great package.

One thing I am learning in the process of applying to graduate schools is that one bad thought can cause a lot of harm to my mind. For instance, I spent the whole week including fall break thinking about the possibility of not getting into any of the schools and I was getting stressed. The mental stress was like that of a 4 credit class. I forgot to look at the big picture and think of the probability that I will get in. In the next months I am going to stay on the positive side and live a stress free life.

Stay tuned for details of my last cross country conference championship race as part of THE LCXC team….

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