Before Fall Break

Friday marked the official middle of first semester. Usually, this means a lot of exams, but I lucked out by not having any official midterms (I only had a paper and a few quizzes stretched out across the week). Since I didn't have to spend a ton of time studying, I did some some fun things instead!

On Monday, I went with the Psychology Club to Independence, Iowa to tour their Mental Health Institute. The building used to be an "insane asylum", and the building includes a historical museum of the insane asylum where we were able to look at patient's rooms (that included straight jackets to restrain patients) and operating rooms (for lobotomies). The whole time I was there I wondered what medical procedures we're currently practicing that we'll deem as totally unethical in a few decades. It's pretty scary stuff.

On Wednesday, a few friends and I went for a hike on trails that I didn't even know existed in Decorah. I was also able to attend a Bible Study, and I made guacamole and caramel corn for a bedtime snack to share with friends. (I also somehow find time to write a paper for my Political Science class and get a weight-lifting workout done).

On Friday, I jumped in my car and started the drive back to Northfield right after lunch. This entire weekend was spent at the yoga studio for my teacher training. It's also the start of fall break, and luckily it overlapped with my brother's. On Saturday night, he and I were able to visit some high school friends at St. Olaf, and after yoga on Sunday, my family and I went to see Gravity (I was not a fan) and had dinner at a Hibachi Grill (I was definitely a fan).

Because it's fall break, I don't have to head back to campus until Thursday morning. I'm looking forward to catching up on sleep, but I am starting to feel like I need to get working on my school work - I have a project due on Friday, as well as a test for my Developmental Psych class, and I haven't started working on either one!

Happy fall break, everyone!

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