Midterm[inally fatigued]

So the thing about coming to Marty's to do homework is that you're coming to Marty's, home of the world's best bacon cheeseburgers, to do homework. As if it's not bad enough that you can smell Ethiopian Roast being brewed at the coffeeshop next door, it's exponentially warmer in the basement of the Union than it is outside. And that's where I am. In the sweet, dreadful spot between awareness and sleep, I linger. My brain screams at me to make another content outline for paidea, while my body threatens to go on strike completely. So, creature of compromise that I am, I fulfill neither. I sit in Marty's, warm and drowsy, listening to Drake's melodious voice, fantasizing about fall break. I plan to spend the entire blessed thing doing two things, and two things alone: cramming homemade food into my face like it would reduce my student debt, and sleeping for truly terrifying amounts of time. Let us all have a moment of silence to remember the beauty that is one's bed at home, one's own bathtub, one's own kitchen, one's own puppy. Maybe I'm not just tired, or just stressed. Maybe I'm only tired of missing things. Like phantom limbs, each time I remember I can't go home and snuggle with my puppy when classes are over my brain gets alerts of pain from parts of my life that don't currently exist. And that's weird. If I'm not making much sense, forgive me. It's midterms, I'm tired, and Drake makes everyone emotional.

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  • November 3 2013 at 4:07 pm
    Hannah Harms

    Hi Zora!

    I am a prospective student who is seriously considering Luther.  (Yes, people actually do read these blogs...and I love hearing about your guys' lives at Luther presented by you, instead of a professor or admissions counselor.) :)

    That being said, I feel like I know all you guys...which is really cool lol.  (Even though I haven't officially 'met' any of you.)

    This post has seemed like you were very stressed...and I hope that has dissipated for you! 

    I have 3 questions: What is your major?  How do you balance homework with a social life?  And what's been your favorite memory/thing at Luther so far?

    I hope you have a good month, or week or so, depending on when you get this lol.  Thank you for taking the time to post!

    P.S.  I cannot WAIT to join the Ballroom Dancing Club; thank you for that post in advance! :D


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