Spending a Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch

I love Luther's campus: I love the bells that chime every hour, the gorgeous view, the energy at the Center for the Arts, the abundance of squirrels, the coziness of my dorm room, the trails along the river - I even have a soft spot for "my place" in the library. But sometimes, living on campus feels like living in a bubble, and I just need to get away. So, my friends and I decided to spend yesterday afternoon at the pumpkin patch!

The weather yesterday was gorgeous, and the sky was an incredible blue (so much so that our photos look fake!). We were able to go on a hayride, play bean bags, trek around in a corn maze, eat fudge, take pictures, and overall just have a really fun afternoon outside. 

We headed home late afternoon to get in a few hours of homework (midterms are next week), and then headed off campus once again to get dinner somewhere other than the caf. A few of us headed to McCaffrey's where we enjoyed salad and two different types of wood-fired pizza. 

 It was a good day, and a nice way to mix things up from the usual on-campus routine. Even better? Only five days until fall break!

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